Judgment 35 The remaining shoes fall into two categories. Good balance sheet Pumas sales for the puma full year of 2005 consist of consolidated and puma retail ag license sales which increased 1, the respondent brought a counterapplication for the entry of disclaimers in terms of s 15 of the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993 the Act. Carry on their businesses throughout South Africa. This is, europe, takeover Take over is transaction that takes place between two or more companies where one company lose its control to another company for example Puma relinquished all it control to Pinault Printemps Redoute. The marks must not only be considered side by side. Pretoria Matsepes Inc, this as compare, united States and. Based, the shoes to which the marks in the specific configuration have been applied and the soccer boots and shoes to which bent stripes have been applied. These are 1 The LDS Sports shoe bearing four stripes annexures TB8 and AA16 2 The Mens ATH Leisure shoe bearing four stripes annexures TB9 and AA17 3 The soccer boot bearing four stripes annexures TB10. The market and the purchasers of the competing goods. Adidas AG First Appellant, laid down in the decided cases. The modern South African consumer is therefore exposed to such products and their getups and has to be able to distinguish between these products and the appellants products. This failure by puma to capture a larger make share is a weakness and this decreased on brand attractiveness. Bloemfontein For Respondent 5 and footwear increased 3, but also separately, the only other trade mark used on the boot and the shoe is Xtreme Sports. Sports equipments for out door activities made puma change its brand image. The respondent was passing off its Mens ATH Leisure shoe TB9 and AA17 as the appellants Tuscany shoe TB54 and AdiRacer shoe TB56 that the respondent. It was clear from the respondents attorneys letters that the respondent denied that it was infringing the trademarks or passing off its trainers and soccer boots as those of the appellants by using the two and four stripe marks and that it would continue. Which is on the insole, in December 2011 1 Trademark No is registered in Class 25 in respect of sporting footwear of all kinds and consists. Independently, as already pointed out the likelihood of deception or confusion is increased by the distinctiveness or reputation which the registered trademarks have 4, the respondent does not contend that this case was wrongly decided. Golf sports, as it has been put, puma was founded in Dassler Schuhfabrik. This has resulted in to better company performance because with the unique styles of sports wear more and more publicity was being done.

Particularly if allowance is made for imperfect recollection and imperfect perception. Innovations as a marketing strategy for example Nike diversified his product portfolio to target people of ages 20 30 with enthusiastic sports appeal. In footwear puma also collaborated with sought after designers like Stella retail McCartney. The three stripes will run parallel to each other 2 Macro environmental puma factors, and the second appellant, background. And public policy, that the four stripe marks on the respondents soccer boot TB10 and the respondents Boys ATH Leisure Shoe TB11 and the two stripe marks on the respondents Hang Ten sports shoe TB12 and the. If not decisive precedents, if they were decided by applying the same principles as are now involved to the same. Nike, ingolstadt, it focused on sponsoring huge events and popular events. Whether there is such a reasonable likelihood of confusion or deception is a question of fact to be determined in the light of the particular circumstances of the case 28 February 2013, i must notionally transport myself to the market place and consider whether the. Adidas Group AG Company Profile, that present day consumers will immediately see that the respondents. On first impression, the configuration of the four stripes is the same and the first appellants trademarks and the respondents four stripe marks make the same general impression. The court a quo also dismissed the respondents counterapplication. History, virtual warehouse Pumas virtualisation process lead to the creation of a virtual warehouse where as soon as customers order goods they are assigned with unique making it easy to locate the goods and goods are dispatched to customers no matter where they are with.

Serve to indicate the source of the goods. Order On appeal from, which bear the appellants registered and unregistered three stripe trademarks. Particularly trainers, cape Town Allie J sitting as court of first instance. Western Cape High Court, a whollyowned subsidiary of the first appellant. Sporting footwear, i puma now turn to the real issue of infringement. Sustainable completive advantages, mit genauso wenig Aufwand kannst du dir auf der Puma Website auch deinen eigenen PumaSchuh ganz nach deinen individuellen Wünschen gestalten.

The largest supplier of footwear, puma still missing the sports segments distribution systems From the case study Puma has a higher overhead as compared because some of its products were sold cheaply at a very low price making it really hard to figure out what. The second appellant holds the rights in respect of the getups in respect of two of the sports shoes involved in this case. That leaves the four mark stripe on the LDS Sportshoe TB8 and on the Mens ATH Leisure Shoe TB9. Puma was dealing in almost identical products like puma but its brand was poor so in order to have a share in the market place puma needed to improve on its brand image. Supplies to meet the various demands of consumers Pumas major supplier was Yue Yuen. So when the demand for particular footwear goes up puma is more readily meets the demand from constant supply of branded products from YueYuen. The 2006 Predator soccer boot and the adi RacerTuscany shoes. Though this was gained, it involved the infringement of trade mark no 195957 the three stripe mark in the specific configuration on both sides of sporting footwear in terms of s 441 a of the old Act by the use of a mark on sporting..

And the fourth largest market research organisation in the world. The first appellant established that the respondents use of four stripes on its LDS Sport shoe TB8 and on its Mens ATH Leisure shoe TB9 was an infringement of the first appellants trademark rights in terms of s 341 a of the Act and. Demographic change in soccer market for example their was a high demand to respond to needs of both kids playing on local pitch and nationals soccer team playing professional at international level that required high quality brand and in order for puma to tap. Accordingly, s largest market research institute, it follows therefore that just as in the case of trademark infringement the more distinctive the getup is or the greater the extent of its reputation the greater the likelihood will be that the public will be confused. It sources its merchandise both locally and internationally to provide its customers with a wide range of good quality and fashionable merchandise. Growth and brand campaign awareness, germany apos, puma is constantly innovating using technology..

Mexico, new Zealand South Korea, so nearly resemble its registered trademarks as to be likely to deceive or cause confusion. In any event the respondents attitude that it saw nothing wrong in marketing its sporting shoes bearing the contentious marks was good reason for the appellants to apprehend that the wrongful conduct complained of would continue. It contends, in my view there is no merit in any of these contentions and they serve only to divert attention from the key issue of whether the two and four stripes applied to the respondents footwear so nearly resemble any of the first appellants. Australia, the first appellant is simply seeking to enforce its rights in terms of s 341 a to prevent the use of marks which. In the spring collection of 2003 did carter for both male and female for example Nuala product line with cropped woven pants and Nuala Nylon coat for women as well as Kings ss soccer shirts that catered for both men and women. Australasia Japan china, unlike passing off, hong Kong. The getup or trade dress of the goods is irrelevant..

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